The Liberation of Le Quesnoy: How New Zealand soldiers saved a French town in World War I

On November 4 in 1918, New Zealand soldiers liberated the small French town of Le Quesnoy. We look at this little known part of our history and the links that endure 100 years on. Le Quesnoy. You probably look at this word and wonder how to say it, let alone where it is and why it should have any significance to you as a New Zealander. But it should be in your lexicon and here's why.

The New Zealand Division, on their own, liberated this occupied town in World War I without any loss of life to the French civilian population, and they did so in a very unusual manner, just a week before the end of the war.

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Source: NZHerald

Date published: 29 Oct, 2018

Daisy Conroy-Botica